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 Scent List

Scent List

A quick reference page to see the current stock list of our scented body powders, and their scent profiles.

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Why Use Body Powder?

Body powder, talcum powder, dusting powder, talc, deodorant powder, body it what you want, but it has stood the test of time for decades. The powder game however has indeed changed, the last decade Bonny Bubbles has been making it talc and cornstarch free. Soothing, and most importantly safe! So what do we use it for? Let's find out...

 Why Use Body Powder?
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Body Powder refill, 3 oz - Pick a Scent
Emilie A. (United States)
Review of powder

I’m always very pleased with this product.

So pretty!

Love this puff! It's well made, super soft and just so cute!

A family favorite!

I recently purchased this as a gift for my mother and grandmother. They are both hooked and it was a sentimental gift because it reminded them of when they were younger and used talc powder. This is much better and talc free! I regularly purchase this as gifts for them throughout the year. I have tried other lavender powders and this is by far the best I have found. Will be purchasing more. They also come beautifully packaged. Thank you Rachel!

Love this stuff!

As an alternative to talc, I seem to be allergic to using cornstarch based powders. This stuff is perfect. No cornstarch, works great, has a subtle, pleasant scent and doesn't irritate my skin. Awesome!

Love It!

I was searching the web for body powders with the right fragrances and found Bonny Bubbles. They were one of the few sites that had the scents that I was looking for - Honeysuckle, Lavender, Lavender Vanilla. I have ordered from them twice and have been more than pleased with their products. They have a great smell and are smooth on the skin. I would definitely recommend their body powders.