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 Scent List

Scent List

A quick reference page to see the current stock list of our scented body powders, and their scent profiles.

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Why Use Body Powder?

Body powder, talcum powder, dusting powder, talc, deodorant powder, body it what you want, but it has stood the test of time for decades. The powder game however has indeed changed, the last decade Bonny Bubbles has been making it talc and cornstarch free. Soothing, and most importantly safe! So what do we use it for? Let's find out...

 Why Use Body Powder?
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408 reviews
Always such great products

I’ve been ordering from Bonny Bubbles for almost 5 years. The quality is amazing and so is the customer service.

The Best Powder!

I first found Bonny Bubbles when I lived in Florida. I moved away several years ago but have continued to order their powder through their website. The process is easy and quick and the shipping is very reasonable and arrives within a few days. I very rarely write reviews for products but I love this powder so much! The scents are amazing and the powder is very high quality. It has a silky feel and is nothing like store bought powder. I would highly recommend this product. My very favorite scent is Little Black Dress.

Amazing products

I have been using Bonny Bubbles products for two years. I love the silky way the powder makes my skin feel. I’m not able to use perfumes due to asthmas, but the soft hits of smell don’t affect my asthma. I also have issues with scented lotions, so the soft wonderful powder gives me a way perfume myself with out upsetting my allergies.
I highly recommend for anyone.

Love Everything !

I am in love with ALL the scents that I get from Bonnie Bubbles. I would like to see them bring back the SOLID perfumes. THEY WERE ALWAYS MY FAVORITE. But... I have no complaints.