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Bonny Bubbles reviews for powder puffs, body powder, and soaps.
Based on 333 reviews

Everything is wonderful love all the powders and and how fast i received the package was good.

The Powder is wonderful!!

The light airy feel, of the powder, is unique and wonderful. The scents are superb! I recommend them highly.

Lovely powder puff

I was very happy to find a powder puff that was very soft and plush

Excellent Exfoliation

I've been using lavender bath bar in my shower. It has tiny little beads in it that's great at exfoliating my legs. Great in winter when skin is drier. Leaves a nice Lavender scent behind.

The Beach!

Close your eyes and you can identify each beach scent like sun lotion, the water, the sand. It makes me think of warm summer days.

My Favorite Scent

Calming bath bar is such a wonderful scent. Soap lathers up well. Would definitely reorder this one!

Just warm & fuzzy bubbles!

I just love the scent - it really makes me feel warm and fuzzy inside!

I love it's preservative free and still works and feels like the big name talcum powders.

My favorite powder

Feels silky soft, gentle fragrance, and organic!
The best

Love this puff!

Luxurious and practical at the same time!

Mesmerizing Scent!

I ordered samples of almost all of the available scents. I was having trouble deciding until I received the Bergamot and Ginger. All of the scents are so crisp and pure but this one reminds me of my favorite Jo Malone fragrance. I love this powder!! I also ordered the pillow spray and the bath soap. I love these products and highly recommend them! I also order a beautiful powder puff that reminds me of when I was a child.

Powder Puffs by Rachel

I orders several powderpuff
I love all. Service perfect.
Arrived quickly, excellent tracking, communication easy. Great product great customer service.

Patchouli Paradise!!

This is my absolute fave deodorant powder!! Keeps me feeling fresh and I'm always getting, "you smell so good!" when I get a hug from a friend!!

Silky Smooth!!

Love this deodorant powder. Awesome lavender scent and soo silky on the skin!

So luxurious!

It's a beautiful puff. I've never seen anything like it in stores. I'm very impressed with the fabric and workmanship. I intend to buy more puffs for Christmas gifts.

Quality, but unscented still has a scent

It is a quality powder, it's simply because of my asthma/allergies any scent is really rough to handle.
It HAS NOT had a scent added, but the ingredients have a very distinct scent. Aside from my sensitivities I also just dont care for the smell out of personal preference. I am still in love with the puff I purchased and the people!!

Excellent quality merchandise! Incredible service!

Outstanding service! Unparalleled! Very quickly shipped!

Exactly Right

First, Rachel is amazing and super quick to respond personally. I am in love with my powder puff. Since it's pretty big and I didn't want it exposed to makeup and dust I keep the powder and puff in a 5 1/2" crystal candy dish with lid, and it's perfect. I use so much less powder, it doesn't get everywhere "other than" my body, and it's so soft. I may be younger, but I finally feel like I'm adopting the beauty and class from the movies of old.

Day @ the beach

Beach fragrance is my very favorite of all the sprays, always makes me feel like I had a day at the beach without the sand!


This soap has a sweet light scent perfect before bedtime bath, leaves your skin feeling soft and moisturized.

Great Pairing

My 4 year old granddaughter wanted her very own powder & scent, I am so pleased with the Honey Almond body spray scent for her and it paired wonderfully with the cute Honey Oatmeal goats milk soap (turtle shaped). Looks like her very own powder pouf is on her Christmas list! Thank you Rachel!

Glass Powder Puff Caddy Dish - reserved for Melodie SOLD
Caddy Cuteness

This adorable caddy adds such a cute overload to a powder room, excellent for the matching powder pouf. Bright & cheerful colors, excellent workmanship!

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