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Why Use Body Powder?

Not sure what body powder is, or what it's for? Well you've come to the right place, and we will break it down in simple fashion. Our silky blend is a safe, talc and cornstarch free treat to your skin. Let's see...

~ absorbs moisture from sweat/perspiration - hot flashes and summer heat waves are no joke folks!

~ soothe chafed, heat rash skin (inside those thighs oy! - mermaids excluded)

~ works double duty as a secondary body deodorant, especially under the arms. Some folks can get away with just body powder for that - not all of us are so lucky.

~ Dry shampoo... oily hair day needs some assistance? Give it a whirl.

~ Working out at the gym, powder those hands up and all your sweaty bits while your at it. 

~ Lets not forget those feet...we have amazing foot powder to take care of those sweaty, and often stinky toesies!

~ Get that sticky beach sand off your legs and feet mighty quick, before you track the sand in your car and create a bigger mess.

~ Of course baby bottoms... that's where it all started right?

~ Lastly, this one is surprisingly indulgent... sprinkle some on your bed sheets if you are a sweaty sleeper, or just dealing with hot temps. That silky feeling on the sheets, is pure comfort and a game changer!!!

why use body powder
Do you have another great use for body powder not shared here? Drop us a message and spill the tea!


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Gift for a Bestie

I love this powder especially the 50% ginger and 50% citrus gone wild, such a fresh smell. My friends live for it too! Stay fresh, stay happy 😃

BERGAMOT and GINGER, Body and Linen Spray
melissa o. (United States)
Love it?

I used the powders first and loved that fresh clean feeling. The sprays are great! Another little punch of earthy perfume. 😊

Silky, and pleasant

It goes on so smooth and smells so good. I use it after bath, before dressing. I love it. Would buy it again. I hear it's vegan as well, no talc, no cornstarch

Body Powder Samples - Talc and Cornstarch Free, dusting powder testers

Butterfly Applique - large, beaded
Ina G. (United States)
Butterfly appliqué

Huge and gorgeousness

Wonderful product!

So glad I found this powder! Thank you, Rachel, for creating this! I love the fact that it's cornstarch free as that tends to dry out my skin! I will definitely be ording more and have already recommended this site. :-)

Smells Wonderful, Feels Great

I wanted a powder in this scent, to match a bath gel by another company. I was concerned it might not smell the same, but it does. It feels great, and really protects those sweaty areas, keeping them smelling fresh in between showers. I would definitely recommend.

beautiful and so soft

I love how beautiful the puff looks and luxurious it feels!

Dusting Powder

This is a Christmas gift for my mother, so I don't yet know what it is like. But with it was a sample of lavender sage dusting powder that I kept for myself, and it is absolutely wonderful. I know the actual order will be just as great. Thank you.

Love it all!

I just love them all. Some scents are too strong for me, but that's normal, it is still an amazing product and healthy beats all! These guys are caring and I can't say enough good about them. You will LOVE their product!!