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BARBERSHOP 201 - Body Powder, 8oz
Tamala D. (United States)
Best powders!

Bonny Bubbles makes the best powders! Smell great and are talc free!

LIGHT BROWN - Powder Duster, 5 inch
Tamala D. (United States)
Best powder puff!!

It is almost impossible to find nice powder puffs that aren’t very small. I am thrilled to find these that are just right!!

Great Powder

I needed a powder without corn starch. Bonny Bubbles definitely fit what I was looking for in a body powder. Very silky feel and pleasant scent. Service is friendly with quick turnaround! They never disappoint. I will definitely have future orders. Thanks!

Perfect Way to Try Different Fragrances

I ordered this 3-pack set a while back to try some different fragrances,and as a result discovered a new favorite!
I even gave a bottle to a friend to try.
She liked it, so I am considering getting her a larger size as a gift for Christmas!
As always, Bonny Bubbles delivers on's the softest and smoothest powder I've ever used.
It's also the best place to shop for the ladies like me who need their dusting powder, plus I love to shop with small, independent businesses.
Thank you for making amazing products.

Love it!

I needed an alternative when a certain talcum powder company stopped making their baby powder. I really dislike cornstarch so I gave this a try. So glad I did! I have been through innumerable samples and loved many of them, but my absolute favorite is the Honeysuckle Jasmine. (I am a sucker for a natural sweet scent.) The powder is drier than talc and softer than cornstarch. It's not as soft as talc, but it comes close. This powder now has a permanent spot on my bathroom counter!

2 scents

Coconut Kisses is a little too sweet smelling for me . The Malibu Spa is a nice scent!!!

strong smell

The scent is a little potent for me but then that may be so that it really works! I am concerned about the directions that say careful around pets and do not inhale. The scent does permiate the area where I use it even though I may not inhale directly!

Hello Sue, Yes the foot powder is indeed aromatic from the special essential oil blend we use to aid in foot odor and bacteria. We do offer powder sampler packs for this reason so scents can be tested prior to purchasing a larger size product. As for inhalation and pets. Yes, although natural no; one should inhale ANY powders or allow pets or children to ingest (this applies to any brand, not just ours). This caution applies to all our powders, not just the foot powder.

Best body powder!

I love this body powder, and it was awesome to get to combine scents to create my own custom blend for the sand price! There's some serious magic in here. Keeps my skin cool and dry.

Love this silky scent!

So smooth, calming and not in your face - nice!

Best silky body powder

The Merry Berry powder has a pleasant scent. I love that its talc free and corn free (I have a mild allergy to corn). So pleased with this purchase!