FREE SHIPPING over $49. in products. USA Shipping *5.95 one flat rate! Order processing is 3 to 5 business days (excludes weekends). USPS is experiencing delivery delays. Updated June 06/20  

Shipping Prices

Our shipping is flat rate based, not weight based for USA orders.  So whether you purchase 1 tiny item or several large items, it's just one base rate. FREE SHIPPING is offered based on how much you purchase. International shipping is no longer available.

*5.95 within the United States, just one flat rate. Orders over $49. in products receive FREE shipping.

*Some flat rate shipping price exceptions may apply, such as... select custom orders, bulk supplies, special shipping requirements, etc.

We try our very best to indicate these different shipping price exceptions within the product listing itself.

USPS.com is our main delivery carrier. On occasion, we may use FedEx or UPS at our discretion.


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