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Powder Puffs
Bonny Bubbles has been creating natural self care body powder products and skin pampering retro powder puffs since 2010. 

Our most precious and appreciated skin care line is our Silky Deodorant Body Powders and Luxurious Hand Sewn Powder Puffs. We are very proud to say they are absolutely some of the best out there. Our customers have restored our faith that they do appreciate the fine details and heart that goes into each and every aspect of our creations here at Bonny Bubbles.
Our Silky Body Powders.... talc, cornstarch, and baking soda free. Baking soda is not exactly Lady friendly among our private areas, and it can cause discomfort and irritation for some of us. Our powders do offer an additional form of deodorizing to help wick moisture away, so you will feel fresh and drier longer throughout your day. Indeed your best friend at the gym or hot sticky days!
Bonny Bubbles Powder Puffs
Why our powder puffs?
We have sought out the most luxurious soft faux furs and plush fabrics over the years for true skin pampering. You won't find any picky, harsh bristles on these Lady must haves! 
Powder puffs lend themselves to keeping the powder mess off the floor and on your body where it should need to waste that precious powder. 
Our selection of colors, designs, and sizes is also enormous!

Powder puff dusters feel decadent on the skin and it's a lovely and affordable addition to your collection of feminine 'pretties' that will last for years. You do remember Grandma's powder dusters right? Ahh yes, such fun memories as a little girl! That vintage charm fitting of a well groomed Lady; absolutely timeless!

I personally sew each powder puff here at Bonny Bubbles; they are double and sometimes triple stitched depending on individual design. Each closure after it has been stuffed and fluffed is then hand sewn closed; never glued shut like mass produced types.

Looking for a unique gift for Mom, Sister or Grandma? You've found the right place. They won't be disappointed with BonnyBubbles... your nostalgic 'Powder Puff connection'! 
We have also been selling on Etsy for several years, with thousands of happy customer reviews, feel free to check out  all our reviews there as well.
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Bonny Bubbles
2337 NW 34th Ave
Cape Coral, FL 33993
Not open to the public (online sales only).
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Bonny Bubbles powder puffs and body powder
Rachel - owner, powder puff artisan, wife, and mother.
Built on pride, growing by reputation
Made in the sunshine state of Florida, USA.

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Customers are saying...

597 reviews
Pink and White Ribbon
Rayeanne O. (United States)
Pink and white ribbon kit

Absolutely beautiful ! My 2nd order already !❤️❤️

AMBERED MUSK, body powder deodorant
Nikki R. (United States)
Love your powders!

Wonderful powders, a huge, inventive variety of scents and pretty packaging. I love the small size three pack to try different scents, also good for travel or the guest bath. I prefer the unisex scents so my husband can use them too.

Amazing powder!

The powder is so nice. I am allergic to cornstarch and am so glad I found Bonny Bubbles. The powder is cornstarch and talc free. The feel is nice and smooth. And the scents! So many good scents! I love the Pink Candy powder and the body/linen spray. Coconut kisses is another great scent. So many smell so good.

Beautiful but no opening to insert powder

Hi Jay,
I just want to be clear that these body powder dusters are not meant to be filled with powder, you apply the powder to the outside fur base as shown on our website, and then pat it onto your skin.

Comfortable and pleasant scent. Works well.

Bonnie Bubbes Body Powder

I have used this product for years and truly love it. I used regular baby powder prior to finding BB, and didn't realize all the added chemicals were harmful to my skin. BB uses natural ingredients and it's so much healthier too.

UNSCENTED, Body Powder Refill
Honor L. (United States)
Thank goodness!

I have been searching for unscented body powder for years, because I am allergic to most perfumes, dyes, etc. So glad I've found you. I'm about halfway through my first shaker bottle, with no itching, hives, or other irritation. Also love that it doesn't fly everywhere as with talcum or corn starch. Thank you thank you thank you! :-D

Body Powder Refill - PICK A SCENT, 6 oz

For anyone looking for all natural powder that works and smells delicious, Bonny Bubbles is the company you’ve been searching for. In the hot Florida summers, powder is a necessity for all the bodies cracks and crevices but I’m extremely careful about the products I use on my body. The skin is the bodies biggest and most important organ, without it we cannot survive, so I’m extremely careful about the ingredients in products I’m considering using. Bonny Bubbles passes all my checks re: ingredients AND make a powder that works while also smelling amazing. I can’t rave about this company, or their products, enough…..I recommend them whenever anyone asks. As a side note, they also carry unique & soft powder plush to use in conjunction with their products. These make a great gift for family, friends and loved ones.