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VANILLA Body Powder 8 oz - deodorizing vanille - no talc - no cornstarch dusting bath powder by Bonny Bubbles

$ 12.95
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VANILLA deodorant Body Powder. Creamy, delicate with the tiniest kiss of barely-there floral. Not a heavy French Vanilla, this one is much softer, lovely! 

No talc, cornstarch or baking soda. Get that silky underwear feel! 

8 oz vol. / 5 oz. net wt. / 142 grams.  Shaker powder bottle.

Velvety soft, helps to keep you fresh and dry especially on those hot chafing days or intense gym workouts. Adds subtle softness after a nice relaxing bath or shower.
Sprinkling some powder on your bed sheets also helps to make them feels silkier and absorb excess perspiration and odor.

Price is for 1 bottle of body powder (photo props not included). Moisture resistant label.
You'll love our powders!

Ingredients: organic arrowroot, organic tapioca, kaolin clay, zinc oxide, fragrance and/or essential oil.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 127 reviews
Quality, but unscented still has a scent

It is a quality powder, it's simply because of my asthma/allergies any scent is really rough to handle.
It HAS NOT had a scent added, but the ingredients have a very distinct scent. Aside from my sensitivities I also just dont care for the smell out of personal preference. I am still in love with the puff I purchased and the people!!

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