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SACRED body powder 8 oz Mens deodorant talc - frankincense and myrrh - organic, natural dusting powder - by BonnyBubbles

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SACRED Body Powder. Earthy, balsamic and resinous notes of frankincense, myrrh, vetiver, amber and cedar. 'Sacred' consists of all natural essential oils and cherished tree resins rounding out this masculine spiritual fragrance.

Price is for 1 bottle.
8 oz vol. / 5 oz. net wt. / 142 grams. Shaker powder bottle. 

~ Velvety soft, helps to keep you fresh and dry especially on those hot chafing days or intense gym workouts. Works double duty as a secondary body deodorant and also adds subtle softness after a nice relaxing bath or shower.

Sprinkling some powder on your bed sheets also helps to make them feel silkier and absorb perspiration and odor.

Ingredients... organic arrowroot, organic tapioca , clay, zinc oxide, essential oils.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Great product

I really like this spray. It is very potent so I don’t spray much. The smell lasts for a long time too, which is great. I have even been applying a little to by dogs fur which makes him unhappy, but it seriously keeps him smelling good.

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