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ROSE PETALS body powder 8 oz - natural silky comfort deodorant - floral body dusting powder - no talc - by Bonny Bubbles

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Rose Petals Body Powder. Fresh rose petals covered in fresh morning dew. As close to a real rose that we can get. You'll love our powders!

NO... Talc or Cornstarch 

NO... Parabens or Phalates

NO... GMO's

NO... Gluten

NO... Baking Soda

NO... Dyes

Our absorbent body powder is velvety soft, helps to keep you fresh and dry especially on those hot chafing days or intense gym workouts.

Works double duty as a secondary body deodorant and also adds subtle softness after a nice relaxing bath or shower. 

Sprinkling some powder on your bed sheets also helps to make them feels silkier and absorb excess perspiration and odor.  Get that silky underwear feel !

8 oz vol. / 5 oz. net wt. / 142 grams. Shaker powder bottle. 
Listing is for 1 bottle of body powder (photo props not included). 

Ingredients : organic arrowroot, organic tapioca , clay, zinc oxide, fragrance and/or essential oil.
This is our own unique formulated blend, not a bulk commercial base.

Discontinue if any irritation develops.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 127 reviews
Quality, but unscented still has a scent

It is a quality powder, it's simply because of my asthma/allergies any scent is really rough to handle.
It HAS NOT had a scent added, but the ingredients have a very distinct scent. Aside from my sensitivities I also just dont care for the smell out of personal preference. I am still in love with the puff I purchased and the people!!

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