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Powder Pouf Wand - white feather powder puff with handle - fluffy powder duster, vintage style shabby chic powder poof, idea for the bride

$ 37.00
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White Powder Pouf Wand. Soft white downy feathers with a smooth satin bow, lace, and pearls. Stainless steel metal wand handle (no polishing needed). In vintage style, shabby chic. ~ Includes 3 complimentary body powder samples ~ Only 1 available.

Puff measures approx 7 " inch diameter (at its fluffiest) x 3" inch thick x handle 4.75" (total powder wand length 10" inches).
~ Dish, powder and photo props are NOT included.
Just a little dip in the powder dish and pamper your skin; voila! This would even be perfect for the bride on her special day. 

I spend a great deal of time sourcing the perfect flatware for these glamorous poufs, allowing me to bring out charming characteristics in each and every powder puff wand I create. 

There is a little town not far away from me that has a downtown strip of the most fabulous antique shops... it is there that I discover the most elusive and special finds. Usually, there is only 1 lonely piece in a pattern left behind, awaiting its fate. Have no fear little darling your life is about to begin a new journey in the prettiest of ways. ♥
The metal flatware is then re-purposed from its former function and ready to be enjoyed once again. So it may show minor wear marks from previous use (if we only knew their stories). This really isn't a negative in our opinion as it adds to the overall vintage character.

~ NOTE: The wand top has feathers, while the bottom half is soft plush - as shown in photos. There is an important reason for this. While I do appreciate 'pretty', I'm also a very practical person. So I want this to function at it's best for powdering. Feathers on their own do not hold powder well in our opinion, so we made it both pretty and functional. If you wish to have a powder puff wand made for you with feathers on both sides I can certainly do that, but I'm just putting it out there what to expect.

We've been creating quality powder puffs since 2010, and truly appreciate everyone who has trusted us with their personal gifting and powdering needs! 

Each one is hand sewn by yours truly in sunny SW Florida.


Customer Reviews

Based on 53 reviews

I've used Rachel's fine powder for over 5 years now - and ordered one of her puffs with my most recent order. I am quite impressed - not only is the puff very well-made it is soft and actually very efficient; in the short time I've been using this new puff my powder consumption has visibly decreased by a good 20% or more - makes this puff an outstanding deal !!

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