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I like it!

This is the first inhaler I've ever bought or used, so I was skeptical. However it works surprisingly well for me. My headaches aren't typical so I didn't expect it to relieve them. It is a nice wake-you-up & energizing scent. I will be trying Bonny's other products very soon.

wonderful inhaler

I ordered the head &sinus for my hubby. He used it immediately upon my unpacking the box. Its got a wonderful aroma and has a great sensation when inhaled. We both love the aroma of the head&sinus inhaler.i will be ordering more, one of each actually, as soon as I possibly can, thank you so much for super fast shipping, thank you for packing our items well and tysm for the unexpected bonus items.a very pleasant way to end the day- getting unexpected gifts! I'm a previous customer as I've ordered before but now I'm a forever customer! Thank you, yvette eason in Ewabeach, hawaii

I use these things almost

I use these things almost every day. The headache one is my favorite. A bright strong peppermint aroma, in a portable, sniffable package, helps keep those tension headaches at bay when I can't take something stronger. This is my second purchase of the headache one and I can't say enough about them all. I have one of each the calm is very soothing and relaxing. The sinus worked like a charm when I had a cold recently, and the energy is a bright, upbeat aroma that helps when I need to stay awake just a little bit longer to accomplish my tasks.

The Headache Relief is wonderful!

I just got my package today and was opening it with a migraine. I was miserable as I opened the package, but after using the inhaler I got immediate relief. It didn't remove my migraine, but I could hold my head up again and function. What a wonderful package to receive today!

For anyone wondering, the inhaler smells like a combination of peppermint and eucalyptus. Very pleasant and instantly soothing.

Works Great!

I got the headache inhaler hoping it would help my frequent migraines and I was pleasantly surprised when it took a 9 headache to a 6. That's an amazing feat for a non-drug natural product. Love it, I highly recommend!

LAVENDER Oil | organic essential oil roll on aromatherapy | handmade by Bonny Bubbles

$ 8.50
- +

Lavender Oil roll on aromatherapy. Wonderful organic French lavender that will delight the senses. Best applied to back of neck, temple, bottom of feet, or pulse points. 

10 ml (.33 oz) frosted green glass roll on bottle to preserve the integrity of your essential oil. 
Price is for 1 bottle.
Ingredients : coconut oil, organic French lavender (lavandula angustifolia) essential oil.

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