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BEE OLIVIO Soap - honey, bee pollen, aloe vera, and milks - citrus, musk, vanilla - bee gentle soaps - handmade by Bonny Bubbles

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BEE OLIVIO Soap. This soap is part of our wonderful line of 'Bee Gentle' soaps. Bee power all the way... with local raw honey, bee pollen and beeswax. If you read up on these ingredients you'll see for yourself how wonderful they really are on the skin.

We didn't stop there however... enriched with aloe vera, milks, colloidal oat flour, and creamy shea butter. A mild, gentle, and creamy lather. Starting to see the skin love here aren't you?

'Bee Olivio' is our version of the popular Olive type fragrance with bright citrus notes, light musk and tiny splash of vanilla (nope does not smell like olives lol).  

Rustic, hot process cooked style. Each soap bar color swirl pattern will differ from photo.
Price is for 1 bar of soap. Weight  6 oz

Note: you will notice random organic bits of bee pollen throughout the soap (this is normal for this soap type).

Ingredients : lard, water, olive oil, shea butter, castor oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide,
fragrance, bee pollen, colloidal oat flour, honey, goat milk, yogurt, buttermilk, beeswax, aloe vera powder, sea salt

~ If your interested in these gentle bars, but looking for unscented, with essential oils, or other scent types...please contact us with your suggestions.

External use only, keep away from eyes.

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