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  Our handmade luxury soaps are a real treat to your skin! Without the typical detergents put into common commercial soaps. Great selections for both men and women.  

We use a variety of ingredients and not all soaps are made with the same recipe (helpful for allergy concerns). Ingredients for each soap is listed for every variety at the end of the description.  Soaps available in both hot and cold process methods. 

 Soap styles, sizes, and shapes will vary. When making soap I may be in a simple and calm mood or very artistic colorful mood. So you will see rustic, simplistic or more intricate designs throughout the store. That mood carries through in our Powder Puff designs too.  Some videos making our soaps can be found here on Youtube.

 We have a limited amount of soap samples. If your placing an order your welcome to request a soap sample if it's available. They are random sizes and shapes from our cut-offs and trimmings.

 ~ Soap tip : Avoid letting excess water from the shower stream wash your soap away. Handmade soaps do not have chemical hardeners and will get used up faster if left sitting in puddles of water. Try to keep your luxury soap as dry as possible after use by setting on a draining rack or elevated soap dish where it can drain/dry properly. 

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