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Making Luffa Soaps - Cold Process with Recipe - by Bonny Bubbles

Making Luffa Soaps - Cold Process with Recipe - by Bonny Bubbles

Luffa / Loofah Soap Recipe

making luffa soap


 This soap recipe is based on a 2 pound (32 oz) batch. Please be sure to go to to run the numbers through again to be sure the numbers are accurate for this recipe. Basic soap making knowledge and proper safety gear/precautions is necessary as this is not a tutorial.

If you decide to substitute ANY of the oils or butters, you must run it through the soap calculator as this will change the amount of lye/water you will need. 

We have this soap superfatted at 5% (you can adjust that if you wish).  Of course you do not need to use luffas if you just wish to make a basic soap loaf without them. I like my lye and oils to be in the temperature range of 80-100 F. 



Olive Oil             8.96 oz            (28%)

Palm Oil             8.32 oz           (26%)

Coconut Oil        5.76 oz           (18%)

Mango Butter     3.84 oz           (12%)

Avocado oil        3.20 oz           (10%)

Castor Oil           1.92 oz           ( 6 %)

These are all measured by weight


Water    9 oz   (remaining needed liquid comes from your coconut milk - so 12 oz of liquid is needed in total for this size recipe)

Coconut Milk (liquid)      3 oz   by weight  ( add this to your melted oils before adding your lye water)

Lye/ Sodium Hydroxide     4.41 oz

These are all measured by weight


Optional  Additives

Sodium Lactate            .8 oz  -by weight      (2.5% of your oil weight)

Colloidal oat flour          2 TBSP

Jojoba beads          1/2  - 1 tsp  per pound of soap - it's really up to you how much you like.

Essential oil or fragrance    .5 - 1 oz  - by weight   (per pound of soap; so for this recipe 1 oz - 2 oz, your preference)

Luffas / loofahs     8-10 pcs    about 1 - 1.5 inches thick.  Amount recipe will make depends on the variance in luffa vs. mold size as well as soap thickness desired.

~~~ This soap may need up to 48 hrs to unmold so it's hard enough without damaging the soap.  Allow to cure for 4-6 weeks and then enjoy!

luffa soap

Created by .  You are free to use this recipe, but please have the courtesy to give appropriate credit to Bonny Bubbles if you share this recipe. 


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